Joel Lee,Marcus Lim,Dorcas Quek Anderson

Contemporary Issues in Mediation

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Contemporary Issues in Mediation (CIIM) Volume 5 builds on the success of the past four volumes as testament to a growing interest of authors and readers in the wide variety of issues that arise with mediation. Readers stand to benefit from a diverse range of topics selected for their high quality of research and novelty. With the recent signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation in August 2019, there is no doubt that mediation is and will continue to be extremely pertinent in the world of dispute resolution. Edited by Singapore's leading expert on mediation and negotiation, Professor Joel Lee (National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law), the Chief Executive Officer of SIMI, Mr. Marcus Lim, and Assistant Professor Dorcas Quek-Anderson (Singapore Management University, Faculty of Law), CIIM Volume 5 is a unique and valuable addition to the growing body of literature in mediation and dispute resolution.Contents: Imagine Me and You: Assessing Relationships in Singapore (Wee Yang Xi)Religious Disputes and Mediation (Ishita Mathur)The Singapore Convention on Mediation: International Commercial Mediation on Her Own Two Feet (Celine Lange)Mediation in Armed Conflict — Reflecting on the Changing Landscape of Armed Conflict, Parties' Motivations and Its Impacts on Peaceful Resolution (Eden Low)A Call for Renewal of Investor–State Mediation (Florent Testud)Mediator, Become Human: What Can, and Should, Artificial Intelligence Do in Mediation? (Jin Wen Rui)Taking Power Imbalances at Its Extreme: A Case Study of Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore (Muhd Nur Hidayat Bin Amir)The Power of Mediation: Exploring Mediation's Approach to Power Imbalances (Leanne Cheng)A Critical Analysis of Mandatory Mediation in the Family Justice Courts in Singapore (Shalini Rajasegar)Mediation Confidentiality: Authentic or Delusory? (Terrence Lerh Guan Wei)Surpassing the Challenges of Mandatory Mediation as a Stakeholder in Interest-Based Mediation (Samuel Navindran)Good Faith Since Toshin: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding and Encouraging Good Faith in Mediation (Walter Yeo)
Readership: Undergraduate and Graduate students as well as researchers who have an interest in mediation. Mediation;Singapore;Power Imbalance;Religious Disputes;Singapore Convention on Mediation;International Commercial Mediation;Armed Conflict;Investor-State Mediation;Artificial Intelligence;Foreign Domestic Workers;Confidentiality;Family Justice Courts;Family Law Singapore;Mandatory Mediation;Interest-based Mediation;Negotiation;Good Faith;Family Mediation;Legal Education;Adversarial Culture;NUS;National University of Singapore;Faculty of Law;Singapore Mediation Centre;Appropriate Dispute Resolution;Alternative Dispute Resolution;Arbitration;Enforcement;Mediation Settlement Agreement;Mediator Neutrality;Singapore International Mediation Institute;Relationship Building;Active Listening;United Nations Commission on International Trade Law;UNCITRAL;New York Convention;Binding Outcomes;International Humanitarian Law;International Armed Conflict;IAC;Non-International Armed Conflict;NIAC;Impartiality;International Committee of the Red Cross;International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes;SmartSettle;Supreme Court of India;Hinduism;Faith-based Mediation;Ricardo Padilla;STAR Model;Ayodhya Dispute;BATNA;WATNA;Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement;Worst Alternative to Negotiated Agreement;Zone of Possible Agreement;ZOPA;FDWs;Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management;abuse;employer-employee relationship;fairness;procedural fairness;outcome fairness;self-determination;State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution;consensuality;Women's Charter;Mediation and Counselling;Family Disputes;Child Focused Resolution Centre;Judge-Led Approach;Elements Approach;Relationship-Negotiation Approach;Asian societies;Western societies;Relational Self-Construal;Transformative Mediation;HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Ltd v Toshin Development Singapore Pte Ltd [2014] 4 SLR 738;Mediation Act;Hong Kong Mediation Ordinance;Facilitative Mediation0Key Features:Foreword by William Ury, leading international mediator and negotiator, co-author of the seminal title “Getting To Yes” in the dispute resolution industryCollection of essays on unique topics in mediation, both theory and practice for Volume 5Edited by leading negotiation expert Professor Lee Tye Beng, Joel (NUS, Faculty of Law), and the Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore International Mediation Institute, Mr Marcus Lim; Guest Editor: Assistant Prof Dorcas Quek-Anderson (SMU, Faculty of Law)
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