Sasvata Sukha

Third Eye Awakening, Kundalini For Beginners& Energy Healing (4 in 1)

Introducing Over 100+ Spiritual Tips, Practices & Techniques To Raise Your Vibration, Heal Your Sexuality, Open Your Third Eye AND Activate Your Kundalini
Now, I'm going to keep this short.
There are plenty of books & resources out there that explain you the theory in great detail of various spiritual traditions, practices and why they remain so sacred, literally 1000s of years on.
However, I wanted to make a book a little different than your typical theory book.
I noticed a sad trend amongst 'Spiritual Seekers.'
They could recite me verse after verse of beautiful scripture, or what seemed like amazing spiritual or even Non-Dual literature, yet there lives were rarely positively effected by these teachings.
And, after the incredible & unforgettable changes Spirituality & spiritual practices have had on my own life, I thought it was only right that I share them with the world, in the hope of helping even one person live a happier, more loving & more fulfilling life.
And that is exactly what this book aims to help you do.
Here's a tiny preview of what's covered inside…
How To Awaken Your Third Eye & Harmonize Your Energetic Body To Help You Live The Most Fulfilling Life Possible
The Almost Unknown Truth About Money & How To Use It To Create The Conscious & Abundant Life You Deserve
The Truth About Your Pineal Gland & How To Decalcify It Once & For All With These 3 Strategies
Tantra For Beginners— How To Upgrade Your Love Life & Deepen Your Connection With Your Partner Like Never Before
9 Potent Practices You Can Use Today To Accelerate The Opening Of Your Third Eye
The Basics Of Metaphysics & Why You Need To Understand Universal Laws Before Starting Your Healing Journey
100+ Spiritual Techniques & Practices To Help You Heal Your Energy, Raise Your Vibration, Activate Your Kundalini & Open Your Third Eye
And SO Much More!
So, If You Want Actual Practices & Techniques To Awaken Your Sexuality Like Never Before, Heal Your Energy Centres, Open Your Third Eye & Live A Life Fueled By Love & Happiness Then Scroll Up And Click “Add To Cart.”

512 printed pages
Original publication



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