Richard Stark

Cookin' Ain't That Hard

This is a comprehensive look at some difficult recipes broken down to the basics and explained in everyday language through humor and insight. Recipes are given as to the proper procedure then altered with no cholesterol, low fat insertions and done in such a way as to put the fun back into preparation and production of a meal. Family involvement is welcomed and encouraged bringing the family back together during "

The Gathering" or mealtime. This mealtime is a crucial time in family life and these recipes are a vehicle to bring all together in a common goal with each member adding his or her own slant on creating one of the elements of the meal. Many recipes are from family members that have instilled those qualities in my own family and hopefully will in yours.

Perhaps some of the home canning projects would be a great place to start building a family tradition and bring a feeling of unity to all involved. So, jump right in with both feet and let me be the lifeguard in your ocean of smells, tastes and textures that make up the world of cuisine.

141 printed pages


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