A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure, Penny Jordan
Penny Jordan

A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure

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He was already wealthy, and the very idea of one person ‘ruling’ others went against his strongest beliefs. - this is how the 1% rules the world without having official titles...

With that carved, hawkish over-proud profile he could easily have belonged to another age. He did belong to another age—one that should no longer be allowed to exist. An age in which some men were born to grind others beneath their heels and impose their will on them without mercy or restraint. - happens everywhere. Look at how businesses are run...

The men who formed his ‘court’, instead of supporting him, were completely antagonistic towards any kind of modernisation, and continually warned him of the risk of riots and worse from the people if their way of life were to be challenged. - that mentality is how wealth stays within the elite circles, always has always will.

Under Max’s financial guidance both his own personal wealth and that of the foundation had grown, and Max had joined the exclusive ranks of that small and discreet group of billionaires who used their wealth for the benefit of others. Anonymity was a prized virtue of this group of generous benefactors. Max was as different from his late cousin as it was possible to be. - usually, these billionaires are mostly trying to dodge taxes on their wealth. Look at Bill Gates...

Ionanthe burrowed deeper into the camel-coloured cashmere coat she was wearing—another item she had worked and saved hard for. - cashmere is one of those items of clothing produced through absolute cruelty to animals, animals are sentient and equal to us in that they have every right to life without being tortured, exploited and raped (meat/dairy industry). Women need to become more aware the cost of their clothes and accessories e.g. fake eyelashes are from mink, the same mink who are tortured for their fur...

She had, though, refused the ermine-lined cloak the maid had wanted her to wear - unless you live in a food desert with almost no alternative options for warm clothing, there is ZERO excuse to wear animal-based clothing these days, especially as we know the extreme cruelty that exists within these industries.

The Royal Hunting Lodge was up in the mountains, and in winter doubled as a ski lodge as it was above the snow line. - Hunting, especially as a sport should be banned. The psychological make up of a hunter shows a disturbing lack of compassion and an inflated sense of ego. Something common with rapists...

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