Quotes from “At the Jerusalem” by Paul Bailey

Doctor Gettrup was amazed that most of her teeth were real.
‘The woman with the eye-patch is his mother. Harry’s. Dog clawed her right eye so she lost it. I called her “Nelson” once when I lost patience with her. She never did forgive me.’
Cousin Charlie. He ended up in Africa. Nothing more was heard.’
‘He could have been eaten, for all anybody knew. Stewed in a pot.’
Sam, Uncle Matthew, Uncle Bertie, Auntie Mary, Auntie Ruth.’
wisps of cloud might have been steps leading to heaven.
And she always cared for her appearance, took great pains. Especially her bosom: her old tits got dusted every day
Mrs O’Blath’s laugh descended the scale a fraction. ‘I can’t stop myself. I need some water, otherwise I’ll choke.’
She’s lost her teeth again,’ Mrs Crane explained.

Mrs O’Blath’s laugh soared higher.

‘But she only found them yesterday.’

‘The train robbers took them.’
‘You need teeth to eat this meat. Something to chew with.’

‘I’ve lost them. I’ve reported them missing.’
After shaking some talcum powder into her knickers, Miss Trimmer dressed.
‘Oh, bloody curses, I’ve blinded myself. Soap’s in my eyes, Nell. Bring me my towel.’
Mrs Gross finished her dabbing.
she’s the one who came out of the closet.’
‘Why be gloomy? A question we should all ask ourselves. Every morning when we rise; every night before sleeping. That’s one of my beliefs.’
People you know, yet can’t quite name, each looms

Люди, которых вы знаете, но не можете назвать, каждый из них вырисовывается

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