Christopher Charles

Rose Six

Rose looked back at her cards and began turning them over slowly. A red ace came up followed by a red King, red queen, red jack, and a red ten in the same suit. She had a 'royal flush.'
Captain Morgan smiled, «I think the pot belongs to Mr. Donovan, Gentlemen.»
John Deer, stunned, stared at the pot in front of him.
Jed Smith reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a small pistol, and screamed, «No one's taking my stake! That's our money she's got!»
He started to reach for the money when Ted caught his arm holding the pistol. It discharged and sent the bullet towards Rose.
She watched the gun move her direction and heard the discharge. She felt a sharp pain on the side of her head. Suddenly everything went black.
69 printed pages
Original publication



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