Kemala B Tribe

Disarming Deadly Doctrines

We all need to give ourselves a good smack upside the head now and then. Author Kemala Tribe provides perfect opportunities for you with the wake-up calls throughout “Disarming Deadly Doctrines — Stop Sickness in its Tracks with Head-Smacking Revelations of God's Will.” Take the challenge — see how your beliefs stack up next to what God says. After all, anything else is a lie, no matter how long you've been hearing it!

We all want to be well — rid of the pain, free from the fear that accompanies disease, able to participate in that elusive abundant life. Is any of that even possible? Why do some get healed while others beat us to heaven? Having experienced both scenarios — being instantly healed of the incurable, and the death of her husband — Kemala Tribe has spent the last few years scouring the scriptures, listening to God, and dissecting innumerable teachings to bring you the answers you long for. You need proof straight from God to settle this subject once and for all, and it's in here!
 Break through the veil that hides Truth.
 Determine if you have beliefs that run counter to what God says about you.
 Un-learn erroneous teachings that lurk behind our inability to receive healing.
 Identify numerous assumptions that obscure the goodness of God.
 Hear the chain-breaking truth about Timothy's infirmities, Paul's thorn, Jesus' failure to heal in Nazareth and many more common teachings.
 Find out how what you believe about sin may be keeping you sick.
 Discover mind-renewing truths, hidden for centuries by the “traditions of men.”
 See how and why you can have a future free of infirmity.
 Learn how to understand scripture more clearly.

Could you still be ill just because you have believed a lie that has infiltrated the church? Get the facts from God Himself. His is the only opinion that. He alone has the right to say what His will is. In Disarming Deadly Doctrines, the author peels back the dogma to expose the proof of the scriptures. She has excavated them, dusted them off, and put them on display to make them simple for you to apply to your life, right now. Her frank conversational style, peppered with humor and captivating storytelling, makes this weighty and urgent subject enjoyable and exciting. You'll be smacking your head at every 'A-ha!' moment. Read it for yourself, or read it for a loved one; then share it with everyone. Healing may be only minutes away.
226 printed pages
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