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The Abbotts

Chakra Balancing Course – Better Health In Six Easy Lessons!

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Awaken your dormant healing abilities today. Learn how to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, without the need for modern drugs or surgery. This 6 part course carefully explains how to locate, balance and heal the chakras or energy centres of your spiritual body. No matter, whether you are a novice or advanced alternate healer, this book will help you to improve your understanding of the spiritual body, (Lightbody). Learn new healing techniques to improve your own and other's health!
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  • Tijana Markovićhas quoted4 years ago
    By the age of twenty years, most young adults have had damage to the sexual and will power chakras, throat chakra and life energy chakra (kundilini).
  • Tijana Markovićhas quoted4 years ago
    We have discovered that many illnesses, nervous conditions, lack of energy, apathy, low self-confidence as well as traditional illnesses, often are cured or extremely reduced by the balancing of the chakras.
  • Tijana Markovićhas quoted4 years ago
    Illness often begins in the Lightbody (spirit body) in the auras and is transmitted to the chakras, resulting in illness, stress, irritability, mental confusion, emotional upsets, depression and a lack of spiritual growth.

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