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David Weber

The Food Truck Handbook

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  • Николай Ханhas quoted8 years ago
    Depending on the infrastructure that already exists in your city, it might be very easy to find a commissary space. New York City and Los Angeles both have developed food truck markets and have a number of commissaries already in operation. However, smaller, developing food truck markets might not have commissaries in place. To find a commissary, the best place to start is by asking current vendors. If you cannot find a commissary you like, you can also try looking at private organizations with large cafeterias like office buildings, schools, churches, or culinary schools. Another good option is working out of a restaurant that only serves dinner. A restaurant that only serves dinner may not start doing prep until 11 am. That works well for both the restaurant who can earn some revenue to offset their rent when their restaurant is idle and for a food truck that may want to do prep from 7 am to 10 am before lunch service
  • Николай Ханhas quoted8 years ago
    MobiMunch ( was founded in 2009. The company is in the process of creating a national food truck rental platform. MobiMunch offers prefabricated food trucks for long-term rental.
  • Николай Ханhas quoted8 years ago
    There are a number of criteria to think about when choosing a generator, including wattage, price, noise, fuel type, size, and postpurchase service.
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