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Technically Speaking – Talks on Technical Diving

Technically Speaking — Talks on Technical Diving Volume 1: Genesis and Exodus is the latest book from best-selling Scuba series author Simon Pridmore. It is a series of themed talks telling the early history of technical diving—where it came from, how it developed, how it expanded across the world, who the important movers were and how, in the decade from 1989 to 1999, the efforts of a few determined people changed scuba diving forever.

These ten years saw the greatest shake-up the sport has ever seen but technical diving’s road to universal acceptance was anything but smooth, many obstacles had to be overcome and there were times when even viewed in retrospect, it seemed that its advocates might fail in their mission. Ultimately, success came down to perseverance, people power, good timing and more than a little luck.

Technical diving trailblazer Kevin Gurr comments:

Simon has completed a complex task with consummate skill and has accurately unravelled the when's, the who's and some of the why's, much of which would have been unjustifiably lost in the mists of time if not for this work. Thank you, Simon, for capturing the memory of lost and surviving friends, for detailing one of diving's most pioneering eras and for helping others and myself remember how much fun it all was!

And Oztek and Tekdive convenor David Strike writes:

“Charting the growth and development of an aspect of diving that ranks as one of the most important in the entire history of underwater developments— and with comprehensive and detailed appendices—Simon Pridmore’s ‘Technically Speaking’ breaks the mould of dry-as-dust historical reference works. It sets the record straight on many of the myths and misconceptions that continue to surround the development of technical diving and does so in an engaging way.”

Author Simon Pridmore has been at the sharp end of the scuba diving industry for 30 years, working as a guide, divemaster, instructor, instructor trainer and instructor trainer-trainer. In the 1990s, he pioneered mixed-gas deep diving in Asia, first with Mandarin Divers in Hong Kong and later through his own shop in Guam, Professional Sports Divers, the first dedicated technical diving centre in the Western Pacific. He also held the regional franchise for IANTD, with technical diving operations in such exotic locations as Bikini Atoll, Majuro, Palau, Kosrae and Truk Lagoon. He then moved to the United Kingdom and became the IANTD licensee there, as well as working for cutting-edge mixed-gas computer and rebreather manufacturers VR Technology.

Today, he is one of scuba diving’s most prolific writers, with a five-volume Scuba series, several guides for travelling divers, a biography, a novel and even a couple of divers’ cookbooks to his name. He and his wife Sofie currently live in Taiwan. Find out more about Simon and his books at his website or via his Substack newsletter Scuba Conversational.
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