Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom, Bill Ciancio
Bill Ciancio

Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom

Bill Ciancio details many of his mountain top experiences during his five decades coaching. He hopes that the details of these experiences help motivate the reader to unlock the fantastic coach hiding inside you.
Bill could have titled this book becoming your own coach, or developing your own coaching philosophy. But he felt the choice of Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom covered and goes beyond what both titles indicate. Wisdom denotes in-depth experiences over time. But his experiences are too numerous to capture in one book. And knowing that coaches like reading things as much as they like driving to the dentist on a crowded, backed-up freeway, he relates only the essentials of coaching. His intentions are to give the reader a few mountain top experiences churned with years of reflection and evaluation. Therefore, the word wisdom is part of the title.
70 printed pages
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