Martin Edwards

Suspicious Minds

Harry Devlin is in trouble. The wife of his best client, Jack Stirrup, has vanished and the police suspect foul play. Stirrup claims she's still alive, but Harry wonders if he has something to hide. When Stirrup's daughter and her boyfriend go missing, Harry finds himself hunting a brutal murderer…

This special eBook edition contains a range of extras, including:

— An Introduction by Val McDermid
— The Making of Suspicious Minds
— Meet Martin Edwards
— Martin Edwards: An Appreciation
— Preview Chapter of 'I Remember You'
239 printed pages
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  • Brinda Krishnanhas quotedlast year
    “You – er – mentioned an apology.”

    “Yes, Mr. Stirrup. To seek a retraction is the usual first step in litigation of this kind.”

    “A climb-down?”

    “Yes, that is a fair description. In practice, few of these cases reach the courts. Usually, the factors which I have mentioned deter those involved from taking matters so far and the point at issue is settled in correspondence.”

    “Well, shouldn’t we be asking for the woman to apologise?”

    Hamer appeared to give the question serious thought. “It would be the orthodox initial move, certainly. But there would be scant likelihood of compensation being paid. We would ask for damages, of course, but you can expect the response to be negative.”

    “I’m not in this for the money, you know.”

    “Indeed, and as I have explained, you can expect to incur a financial loss as the outcome of a full trial.”

    Stirrup glanced at Harry, who had already taken the precaution of arranging his features into the worried expression to which they were well suited.
  • Brinda Krishnanhas quotedlast year
    “I must congratulate you, Mr. Stirrup.” A sentence of imprisonment might have been pronounced with less gravity.

    “I don’t follow.”
  • Brinda Krishnanhas quotedlast year
    Jonah drained his glass. “Needed that. Get us another, will you? Have one yourself if you want.”

    He made no offer to pay but Harry went to The Pump House anyway. When he returned with two full glasses, Jonah wandered over to the walkway leading to the riverside.

    “Used to come here as a ki
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