Rise of the Necromancers: The Void Chronicles 2, Holly Blackstone
Holly Blackstone

Rise of the Necromancers: The Void Chronicles 2

Pain. Blood. Sex. The Templars have secrets too.

Slightly shaken after Initiation, Julianna resolves to reaffirm her dedication to the cause by throwing herself into her studies. She doesn’t have time to adjust to the physical changes, or the burgeoning attachment she and Tristan now seem to share, before her Legion is called to investigate an attack on the settlement of Hayden’s Gate. Void Disciples are becoming more bold, and the death and destruction at the town are just a taste of things soon to come.

Is it possible the trap laid for the Templars at Hayden’s Gate will ensnare the mighty Tristan, and will Julianna find to her shock that even servants of the Void sometimes deserve mercy?

Note: This 88,000+ word book contains graphic depictions of sex and violence and is not intended for audiences under 18 years of age. Part of a series.
304 printed pages
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