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Minimalism and Decluttering

Are you burdened by the sight of your home drowning in clutter? Do you feel empty inside, after realizing that you have been spending money on useless furniture, unhealthy food, and too many clothes all these years? Are you done with spending too much time on social media? Are you game for creating great memories and experiencing life in other parts of the world without being burdened by unnecessary stuff and without causing damage to the environment? Then this book is for you…

Science indicates that all that clutter in your life is not only hurting your pockets, but it is hurting your mental well-being as well. Clutter can make you feel increasingly dissatisfied, constantly stressed and tired, and unable to become more focused and productive. Fortunately, you can rely on the minimalist approach to help you get rid of material and mental clutter, have more control over your digital life, finances, nutrition, and style, be kinder to the environment, and achieve more satisfaction in your life.

Minimalism and Decluttering: The Easier Way of Life as a Minimalist. Declutter Your Life from Useless Stuff! is just the book you need to learn about the:

Numerous ways that minimalism and decluttering can help you enjoy your life to the fullest

Basic tips for decluttering your home and making it your haven of comfort

Effective techniques for cutting back on social media and actually living your life offline

Easy strategies to help you manage your finances and avoid wasting money

Essential tips for simplifying your diet and becoming healthy without ruining your budget

Useful tricks for making over your wardrobe and your outlook in life

Trouble-free ways you can simplify your travel necessities

Sensible ways you can care for your personal needs while caring for the environment

You might be overwhelmed with the current state of your home, finances, and lifestyle, but rest assured that this book will guide you through the whole process of making over your home, getting yourself out of the social media rabbit hole, taking charge of your money, simplifying your diet, style, and travel habits, and becoming more aware of your impact on the environment.

If getting hold of this wealth of information is what you want and need, then go ahead and read this book!

(Disclaimer: This book guarantees that you will learn lots of information about being wise with your financial decisions, but in no way does it claim to make you wealthier and debt-free after reading it through and through.)

120 printed pages
Original publication
Tony Bennis



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    mariazentsovahas quoted7 months ago
    . A study on mental health found that children living in extremely cluttered homes usually feel more distressed, are less happy, and find it difficult to make friends.
    mariazentsovahas quoted7 months ago
    A study on social psychology and personality has indicated that individuals with cluttered homes, especially those with plenty of unfinished projects, had higher incidences of fatigue, depression, and raised cortisol (stress hormone) levels than people who expressed having “restorative” and “restful” living environments.
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