D. Robert Kennedy,S. June Kennedy

Parental Advocacy

In this book Drs. D. Robert and S. June Kennedy argue persuasively for a new approach to parenting,
one that is clearly grounded in the social sciences and strong in religious tradition. It is a must-read for all
parents, especially those who feel disempowered to act in any meaningful manner.
Sylvan A. Lashley, M.B.A., Ed.D., J.D.,
Superintendent of Schools, Northeastern Conference of SDA
I am convinced that this book, Parental Advocacy, is a most helpful guide for the many parents who feel
lost and, of course, all who seek to do proactive parenting.
Madeline Corredor,
Director, Family Success Center of Orange, NJ.
The call expressed by Drs. D. Robert and S. June Kennedy for parents to shoulder their responsibilities
cannot be overstated.
Everythe K. Cargill, PhD,
Associate Professor, Textbooks and Learning Materials Program, Alabama A&M University
empowering parents to act on behalf of their children

Parental advocacy is the follow up book in the
Parental Series to Parental Legacy
364 printed pages
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