Dexter Jackson

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Read about how you can end inflammation and change your life forever!

The anti-inflammatory diet doesn't have a fancy or catchy name. You won't find anything telling you that you will drop a dress size in a week. In its essence, it's not really a diet but a lifestyle and eating plan. Any of the diets out there that are said to be anti-inflammatory come from the same essence. They will help the user have better overall health. The diet can help reduce blood pressure and triglycerides, control existing cardiac issues, reduce heart disease risks, and help soothe arthritic joints.
The average American typically consumes too many foods that are high in omega-6 fatty acids. These are found in fast food and processed foods. They don't consume enough foods with omega-3 fatty acids, found in supplements and cold water fish. Inflammation will start to set in if the balance of food is out of whack.

This book is here to help you adopt a new way of eating to get that inflammation under control. In this book you will find:

- What the anti-inflammatory diet is
- What inflammation is
- The foods you should and shouldn't eat
- 14- Day Meal plan
- Some recipes to get you started
- And much more!

Chronic inflammation isn't something that you have to live with, so why wait? Start controlling it today. It may seem like innocent joint pain, but you never know what other damage it is doing to your body. You may not even suffer from inflammation at this point in your life, but it won't hurt anything to start preventing it today.
The good news is that this diet is completely free. The only thing you have to buy is the food that you consume. There isn't a website or subscription fee that you have to pay each month. The money you spend on the diet is the food you consume, and the books you may buy to learn more.

Do yourself a favor and learn more about the anti-inflammatory Diet
62 printed pages
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