Tracy Carpenter

Life in Cursive

Staying connected, balanced, and inspired through living a handwritten life

I am not sure how anyone gets prepared to give CPR to their dying mother, fish their dead son's body out of a swimming pool, or find out a person they cared for has ruthlessly deceived them. Unfortunately, those are some of the situations Tracy has had to wrestle with in the dark.

Things can and do happen in life that leave us frozen, grappling for understanding, and shattered in a million pieces. Extreme emotional pain can make us feel disconnected, full of anxiety, and spiritually lost. In Life in Cursive, Tracy shares her feelings of isolation after a devastating betrayal. She uses her real-life experiences to inspire and empower us to not only reestablish our emotional and spiritual well-being after trauma but to find hope in the midst of our sufferings.

When Tracy stepped out in faith, God showed up in a profound way. Relying on God for everything, while embracing her vulnerabilities, proved to be a scary but amazing opportunity to get to know God better. She is living proof of what God can do through his endless grace. God renewed her mind, restored her spirit, and led her through extremely difficult situations. As a result, readers will find incredible power to take their own journey of faith so they too can embrace their stories and trust God in their deepest pain.

166 printed pages
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