Lucid Dreaming Course – Empower Your Life!, The Abbotts
The Abbotts

Lucid Dreaming Course – Empower Your Life!

Have you ever had a startlingly vivid dream in which you realized that you were asleep and dreaming and then found that you could actually lead the dream into the direction that you wanted it to take? Well, this is Lucid Dreaming! Most of us can’t Lucid Dream at will, but The Abbotts can show you how to easily and safely learn this unique paranormal skill and use it to empower your life! Once you have learnt to Lucid dream, you can use this incredible psychic power for research for work and hobbies, meeting others in the sleep state, out of body experiences, exploration of Earth and space, time travel, eliminating nightmares and night terrors, spirit contact with your Guardian Angels, forgiving others that you may have hurt or who have hurt you and meeting your perfect partner! All these incredible actions can take place while you are enjoying a restful sleep. Suitable for all ages and a must-have-book for any student of the paranormal.
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PRhas quoted5 months ago
the dream, in a more appropriate manner for spiritual growth, highest intent and unconditional love!”

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