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Shore Leave

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Chartering is an iffy business and when there's not enough chartering work to pay the bills Lateenya has to give Roger indefinite shore leave. Her brother Tommy finds him a job doing boat work at the marina for a couple. The wife is hot and she’s much more interested in finding out what Roger can do to her than any work he can do on the boat. She initiates the action with her husband nearby.

The action continues in the evenings, with Tommy taking him to a club where they connect with some women tourists eager for a smoking time, and he Tommy give them bareback pleasure in some steamy interracial group sex.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Lateenya turned the helm over hard and Fantasy luffed up beautifully. She was a sweet-handling catamaran and Lateenya had a light and knowing touch at the helm. The Captain knew her stuff. As I waited for her to bring the boat alongside at our slip, I watched her work. I always enjoy watching the lithe body of a hot woman, and a first rate skipper at work is a joy to behold. My good fortunate was that Lateenya was both…a hot woman and a great skipper. She was also my boss, owner and Captain of the boat, and good friend.

Even for a first-rate skipper with a good boat, charter work is a tough way to make a living. The day charter we were returning from was a case in point. It hadn't been hard work, but routine, dull and not that profitable. It was what we usually called a geezer cruise. Older people hired us to take them on a genteel and leisurely sail around the island. They wanted gentle breezes and a drink with an umbrella in it.

They looked forward to stops for lunch and play in exotic bays where they could take pictures of themselves having fun in the sun that they could use in tormenting relatives and friends stuck in the winter snows back home. They wanted to have a great, but routine time.

As I ran the mooring lines to the cleats on the dock, Lateenya was already helping the couple who had been our guests on the boat for two days back step onto the dock. They were nice people and it seemed like they had a great time. We had been lucky, catching a stiff breeze that filled the mainsail and took us out to a small rock, grandly named Bottle Island, in less than two hours. We anchored in a bay of beautifully clear water and our guests swam and snorkeled. Midday we took them ashore in the inflatable dinghy, fed them a picnic lunch on the beach, with wine, and then we came back.

Everything had been perfect. Perfect and boring. The guests had come to the islands for the tranquil, picture postcard idea of sailing in the tropics. They had no interest in the lusty vibrancy of the place. Of course we cheerfully obliged them for that is how we earned our pay. Cruises just like this one were the staple of our livelihood. They were our normal day at the office.

Our vision (mine as well as Lateenya's) for the business was of a different kind of charter. Much different. Much hotter. What both Lateenya and I had in mind, and I'll admit it often seemed more of a dream than a business plan, had far more of an edge to it. Lateenya was a vibrant person, filled with a love for the great joys of life. She wanted a business that was dynamic and with a lot more sensuality. When we sailed by ourselves we liked to push the boat to its limits. In doing charters, we wanted adventurous clients. Ideally they wouldn't mind things that were a bit edgier. Better if they had vivid imaginations and oversized libidos. Yes, our fantasy was clients who were as interested in exploring other people as the coral reefs.

You'd think that would be an easy thing to set up. But getting fantasy charters wasn't simple. I wasn't sure if it meant that people with money lacked imagination and a zest for life, or if we just weren't connecting with them. I don't mean we didn't get some erotic situations happening, but there wasn't a trend. We didn't really see how to go after that market.
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