Maren Uthaug

The Bright Side

Introducing the first GIF book from Denmark! This living e-book is a fully animated English edition of Maren Uthaug’s critically praised graphic novel. Uthaug is a prizewinning author whose characteristic drawing style is already familiar to Danes from the back page of the newspaper Politiken and
In The Bright Side, Uthaug serves up brilliant portions of the dish that’s her specialty: life’s big questions, presented with humor and passion. Ingredients: a woman, a man, a dog and kids – and meatballs! Into the pot she stirs love, loneliness and dreams, spiced with imagination and narrative delight until she brings the whole thing to a boil. Impossible to put down before the last bite.
198 printed pages
Copyright owner
Lindhardt og Ringhof
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    Ginie Finkenshared an impression4 years ago

    Meget sjov

    Gro Martin Gunnarsenshared an impression6 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    Seriøst underlig på en god måde

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