Linda Evans

Enlightened Weight Loss

In Enlightened Weight Loss, Linda Evans, international speaker, seminar leader, and self-awareness coach, guides readers through her heart-centered and eye-opening 9-step ENLIGHTEN Process. Through using the simple ENLIGHTEN Process, readers gain clarity on the core issues at the heart of their weight-loss struggles, allowing them to finally change their sabotaging dieting patterns forever and to break free of the weight that has been holding them back—in body, mind, and spirit. Linda helps those struggling with weight loss: Get to the heart of their habitual behaviors around food and dietingGain insight into their emotional eating time-bombs and how to diffuse themExpose their inner saboteurs that keep them from getting and staying thinReset their internal satiety and food enjoyment meter Enlightened Weight Loss teaches readers to find harmony with their daily food choices and comfort within their body as they make lasting emotional and physical changes at the cellular level, lightening their body—and life—from the inside out.
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