Kent Lamarc

How to Meet & Fxxx Different & Hot Asian Women: Every Single Day Until Your Balls Hurt

I have to start this book by saying that I’ve wrote many others on Asian women that have been very successful and generated me a bunch of income, even though not as much as they should, as there are many famous courses on this topic out there that, from what I had the chance to see, entirely copy my published researches and even the titles I used without shame or consideration for my work.
However, as they've also corrupted my public image and work, mainly as a lecturer in Asian countries, I decided to take the subject one step further only now, while living abroad and with this pen-name.
If you've ever read a book about dating Asian women before, know that this one will blow your mind with techniques that make you get and have sex with extremely hot Asian women in just minutes after meeting them.
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