Men in War
It contains six artistically written episodes in which an Austrian officer pictures war as a sickening horror and an exploitation of the poor. Its sordidness being entirely unrelieved by any ideal of patriotism, it may tend to leave an impression of the utter unjustifiability of either side of the war. A note warned librarians that there would be a question about circulating this book. It has now been barred from the mails by the Postal authorities as highly undesirable from a military standpoint. Libraries which have already purchased the book will, of course, withdraw it from circulation. Andreas Latzko was an Austrian Jewish pacifist and novelist. With the beginning of the war between Italy and Austria-Hungary, he was sent to the front on the Isonzo River. He served on the front until he suffered a severe shock from a heavy Italian artillery attack near Gorizia. After eight months in the hospital he wrote six chapters of his book Men in War, which deals with the Great War at the River Isonzo front.
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