Irene Brand

Taking a Risk on Love

Vance never saw this coming. When Vance Bolden finds a young woman washed ashore after a storm, he's shocked but determined to help her. The task is daunting enough. . .then Vance discovers that Evelyn Weber is with child. As he makes the most of a precarious situation, Vance can't help but remember the young wife and son he lost while he served in the Confederate army. Before leaving the London mission she called home for twenty-two years, Evelyn was convinced that God's will for her life was to travel to America and work among the Cherokee in North Carolina. And she still is, although the strange turn of events certainly makes her undertaking more difficult. Now stranded and without knowledge of her husband's fate, Evelyn sees a hard road ahead where trusting a stranger is her only route to survival. Despite wounds from the past, can Vance and Evelyn take a risk on each other, on God, and on love?
150 printed pages



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