Laura Lovecraft

If Dad Only Knew

The title says it all! Three short sizzling stories of mothers and sons who want each other so bad, they can't even wait until Dad's not home to go at it! Games are played and risks are taken as these insatiable moms stop at nothing to have their sons whenever they want them!

If Dad Only Knew features these all new smoking hot tales:

No Place Like Home — While Dad cleans the yard, Rick tends to his mother's bush.

Handy in the Hot Tub — Rachel's naughty son, Derek, lets his hands wander under the water.

Shh, Don't Wake Dad! — Mark and his parents have to share a hotel room, and even that won't stop his mother from getting what she needs!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Hey, I’m going to sit this one out.” Derek said, pointing at the door, “I’ll join in another time.”

“No, come on in.” Steven waved him over. “We’re family and this is for the family.”

“Yeah, but you two look awfully cozy and…” He winked, “Mom’s looking pretty playful in that new bikini.”

“Derek we’re our age, not yours, it’s not all about that.”

“It’s never about that.” I muttered loud enough for Steven to hear me, but didn’t care, I knew who I was going to enjoy in this thing, it just wouldn’t be this time.

“Mom does look good though.” He kissed my cheek, trying to save himself.

“Thanks.” I gave him a fake smile, then chugged the rest of my drink.

“Damn honey, want another one?”

“No.” I breathed trying to shake off the head rush, “I’m good.” Looking at Derek I waved him on, “Come on, honey, you heard dad, this is a family moment.” But not the family moment, that was later.

“Okay.” Derek came over to the tub and I thought he was going to get in across from us, in fact I’d looked forward to it figuring maybe I could tease a little and put my foot between his legs.

Instead he came around and slid in on my left putting me between him and his father.

“Hey mom!” He gave me a mischievous smile and I yelped when he slid his hand under my ass and squeezed it.

“You okay, hon?” Steven asked.

“Yeah, I moved a little and the jet caught me by surprise.”

“Oh.” Steven downed his own drink and putting the glass on the edge of the tub, stretched his other arm out and sliding down lower closed his eyes and sighed contentedly.

I jumped again when Derek ran his hand along my upper thigh. I elbowed him in the side causing him to grunt and turning to him leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Behave yourself.”

“Why?” He gave me a wicked smile and whispered, “You can’t stay quiet?”

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