Dan Feltham

Terror In The Gulf – A Love Story


It could happen again, a massive oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, but not by accident this time. Three terrorists, one from Colombia and two from Iraq arrive at a little fishing village on the Mexican east coast. Each man is seeking redemption from previous crimes or the chaos of war in order to find freedom and start new lives. A gorgeous Colombian model accompanies the terrorist trio. She has joined the terrorists against her better judgement. The timing is summer of 2014. They charter a fishing trawler; load it with C4 explosives and weapons and head for the deep-water oil fields of offshore Louisiana. The intent is to exceed British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon disaster of April 2010 and strike a major blow for al-Qaeda against the United States in the Gulf of Mexico. A secondary intent is to increase the price of oil for several renegade OPEC nations. Another economic and ecological disaster offshore from our southern coastal states would far exceed the financial loss of just the oil production. As sometimes occurs in life — romance, villainy and heroism all play a role in this explosive story of deceit, love and adventure. The terrorist plot is enhanced by a number of twists and turns and interesting characters of diverse backgrounds.
256 printed pages


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