A Teenage Girl's Guide to Looking Sexy and Sizzling Hot, Michael Cimicata
Michael Cimicata

A Teenage Girl's Guide to Looking Sexy and Sizzling Hot

Teenage girls place a large emphasis on how they look. They always want to look appealing to their friends, and to the boys that are around their age. However, it is quite difficult to look sexy when you are a teenage girl because most of them simply don't know how!

This ebook is designed to educate young girls on how to look sexy and appealing. It covers a multitude of aspects about looking sizzling hot for the opposite gender.

Some of the areas that it covers are:
-Brushing your teeth properly to make them pearly white
-Waxing your legs properly so that there are no hairs left
-Shaving vs. Waxing your legs
-Getting rid of pesky pimples…the easy way -Getting the perfect tan without any tan lines
-Painting your nails perfectly

It even includes a bonus section on how to get the most out of your perfume bottle!

This ebook is literally an all-in-one guide for teenage girls that want to impress their friends and other boys by looking as sexy as possible!
26 printed pages
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