Richard Cooper

The Unplugged Alpha

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Most men today are sent off into society with a broken belief system, which they use to make choices, that get them terrible results with life and women.

Men have been conditioned to be the quintessential “nice guy.” They're trained to be overly humble, kind to a fault, and that just “being themselves” is enough to attract and keep the woman of their dreams. Men are told to believe that conventional masculinity is toxic, and to put women ahead of their own interests, passions, and purpose.

This has led to an entire generation of men forming very unhealthy attachments to women that they, unfortunately, often make their sole focus of their lives.

The playbook to women and life has changed, but most men missed the memo.

Do you want to succeed, and level up in every area of your life?

If so, then this book explains:
— The importance of maximizing your looks, money, social status, and game.
— Why it's essential to get genuine burning desire from a woman who wants to date you.
— The top 20 red flags that you must vet women for a long term relationship.
— How to become one of the top 20% of men that women swipe right for on online dating.
— Why smart men avoid marriage. And much more.

This book exposes the comforting lies you've been told throughout your life for what they really are. Enabling you to become a truly authentic Alpha that chases excellence, and leads a successful passion-filled life.

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  • b7660843241shared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • zanyar baezhas quotedlast month
    I can only think of one.

    You’ve already got a kid, so you’ve secured your family name and DNA.
    Her child is about the same age and sex as yours, so they can interact and relate with one another and, most importantly, there is no risk of her being violated.

    Your frame also naturally infers 100% authority in the relationship.
    She isn’t a feminist, and takes ownership for her life, and holds her kids accountable to my standards.
    She is, at a minimum, financially equal to me.
    She is a complement to my life, and certainly not the focus
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    When a woman
    desires you, you
    know it.
    She’ll show up on time and call or text you without you making the first attempt.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    Women break rules for alphas and make them for betas.
    As unfair as it may be, the “Burden of Performance” is always on you.
    This means that you must always be on your A-game when it comes to frame, Game, and leading the relationship (more so if you’re married or in an LTR).
    If you notice her making rules, or setting conditions, on areas such as when she’ll have sex with you (for example: “If you ever want to have sex again, then...”), you now
    that she definitely sees you as a beta and that the frame has shifted.
    Learn to say “NO.”
    It’s a complete sentence that doesn’t need any further explanation.

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