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Air Fryer Vegan Cookbook

The Air Fryer Vegan Cookbook presents 100 delicious vegan recipes for making the most of your air fryer. You now have a variety of quick-and-easy breakfasts, main dishes, sides, appetizers, snacks and dessert. Start cooking healthier meals with little or no oil.
The air fryer is an all-purpose cooking appliance that provides a convenient way of making healthy plant based food for your vegan lifestyle. Cooking any of your favorite foods – chips, fries or breaded things is now easier than before. Air frying is healthier mainly because it is done with minimal or no oil. The convenience of this appliance appeals to a lot of people. It is a faster and less messy way to fry or bake.
The 100 recipes in the Air Fryer Vegan Cookbook contain new dishes with a promise of culinary adventure while the familiar dishes come with new and exciting flavor combinations. If you suck at cooking, the air fryer is the appliance for you because it makes it so much easier. Whether it's a quick breakfast to start the day or a midday snack to get you going, putting a meal together is no challenge with the air fryer. Just pick a recipe in this book, throw the ingredients into the fryer, switch it on and your meal is ready in minutes!
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