Mariena Foley

The Healer Within

Are you ready to experience healing as never before?
To learn how to unlock the gift of healing that is already yours?
To experience life from a whole new perspective?

Journey into the extraordinary healing ability already within you,
an ability unprecedented in our time, with Quantum BioEnergetics. Chaperoned by Melissa Hocking Hunt you will enter into an anecdotal and diverse scientific/spiritual crossover as she takes this healing process across all parts of the globe, in The Healer Within

This pioneering passage of work, Quantum BioEnergetics,
the use of readily available quantum based frequencies utilized via the established bioenergies of the human anatomy, is now enabling for you an exceptional process of healing.
A genuine, scientifically proven, integrative healing process, the results are extraordinary. Issues that were considered “permanent”, “terminal” or “chronic” seem to be no longer so.
Right now, even as you read these words, you already have the ability to access this gift and in doing so, you can become both a healer of self and a healer of others.

Melissa Hocking Hunt
accompanies you upon your own journey of healing discovery, candidly imparting lesson and wisdom born of her own experience throughout, so that you may ignite the healer within you. Co-founder of Quantum BioEnergetics International™, & the originator of the Quantum BioEnergetic balancing technique™, Melissa’s own journey, gripping and entertaining, has proven itself an enormous incidental education into the healing evolution of the human energy anatomy.

Through actual hands on lesson, you, yourself, are enabled access to facilitating this extraordinary healing process. Empowering, you will discover your gift, your strength, a unique perspective of yourself, in Your Initiation of The Healer Within.
313 printed pages
Original publication


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