Raine Cantrell


From a national bestselling author and “one of the superstars of western romance” comes a wild romp about a fiery woman who meets a very cool customer (Affaire de Coeur).
Maggie O’Roarke knows how to walk, talk, and fight like a man. So, when her uncle wills her some gold and silver mines, she’s determined to prove she can operate them on her own—even as her wedding date approaches. But when her betrothed is kidnapped just before the wedding, Maggie is convinced dastardly saloon owner C. V. McCready is making a desperate bid to keep her from re-opening the mines.
McCready is a con man who could charm the shine off a saddle. But when he sees Maggie in her wedding finery, he becomes determined to protect her from less savory men who want to swindle her out of her property. And what better way to protect her than to kidnap Maggie and claim her in a marriage by proxy?
Turns out there are a lot of better ways . . .
In this rollicking read from “a superb storyteller whose remarkable talent for recreating the West will hold you enthralled,” the battle of the sexes is about to be fought with no rules, no prisoners—and no small amount of laughter (RT Book Reviews).
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