Kennis Kim

Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage

Artifacts, whether found in museums, our community, or our homes, offer glimpses into the past. Be they documents, photographs, books, or clothing, as custodians of our history, we're faced with how to maintain these items. Professional conservator Kennis Kim tells us how. Topics discussed include: creating an accession list; the nature of conservation, restoration, and preservation; deciding on display, storage, or using the artifact; common threats such as light, humidity, insects, and rodents; and when to call a professional. Here is all that's needed to determine what can be done to preserve precious articles for future generations.
173 printed pages
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    Весьма полезная книга для тех, кто заботится о сохранности домашних реликвий и культурного наследия в целом.

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