Mitch Davidson

Square Foot Gardening


Whatever motivates you to grow and tend to a garden, you need a strategy that will not only provide order but also help your crops mature quickly and healthily. While you may have heard of numerous planting techniques to achieve an abundant, healthy, and fast yield, very few are as successful as square foot gardening for small-scale gardens.

Inside this book, you will gain such knowledge as which crops are most suitable in a square foot garden, and how companion planting can be incorporated to boost the results of this gardening technique. This book will not only leave you with an appreciation for square foot gardening, but provide a detailed roadmap on how to set it up and get the best results from it!

Here's what you'll learn about inside…

·     What is Square Foot Gardening
·     The Benefits of Square Foot Gardening
·     Companion Planting
·     What to Grow in a Square Foot Garden
·     Crop Rotation
·     How to Protect Your Square Foot Garden
·     Much, Much More!
62 printed pages
Original publication



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