Bill Thomas

The Three Souls

The Three Souls is about Johnny Chambers who is falsely convicted of a crime. The time frame is 1961 and Johnny is

in a Texas Penitentiary. While in prison Johnny meets two prisoners who he decides are Vincent Van Gogh and Amadeus Mozart reincarnated. Johnny hatches a plan to let them work on their art in prison while trying to secure release from the Warden. The Warden goes along with the plan for awhile but then decides to take their art and cash in on their talent. Johnny decides it is time to leave the prison and plans an escape to grab their art and leave with the reincarnated prisoners. He enlists help from other inmates and they stowaway on big truck that is leaving the prison. The prison escape is successful, but they have to face the warden and try to recover Johnny's wife, Kitty.
138 printed pages



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