Chilungamo Khuwi

Life Compass

Living life is a journey we take to the future and for that, you need to discover your destin(y)ation. Growing up and developing as a human being is a project which needs you to be in charge of, discovering the person or tool you should develop into to fulfil your God-given purpose and visions.In this book, Dr Chilungamo Khuwi has dissected and addressed the mind puzzling questions, “Who am I or should be?” and “What I am I here on earth for or What is my purpose?”.He then marries how all areas of your life must operate in relation to your purpose and visions, to function as a machine or an institution with all parts or departments firing towards a common purpose.By the time you finish reading this book, you will have a clear direction for your life. This book guarantees you to take charge of your life without the fear of midlife crisis or deathbed regrets of having missed the priorities during your time on earth. It is key to living a happy, fulfilled and impactful life.
128 printed pages
Original publication



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