David Gomadza

Tomorrow's World Order's Sovsuperiuscogens

These are our guiding principles that take a holistic approach in order to deliver a completely new system of governance globally. We believe the current system is now obsolete and as such only a new system is the only answer. This is our new system that will bring wealth to all mankind of levels never thought of before. A new financial system that will eliminate all crisis, nation, individual and global debt all a thing of the past. A system that will eliminate unemployment and poverty and bring wealth and riches to all. Brand new cities, infrastructure and cleaner vehicles and machines etc. Above all a new system of law and order that is honored and feared by all. These are our important principles based on the notion of a nation's sovereignty, our super power status, an effective rule of law and international jurisdiction of the law and order in that a crime committed anywhere can be dealt with in any country on earth regardless; first, when it was committed and secondly, where it was committed. That means some crimes and acts have no time-limits. New powers to stripe-off any immunity and just by word of command get anyone apprehended in any country and put on trial there.
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