Jane Bonander

The Dragon Tamer

A young sea captain’s widow feuds with a ruthless marine naturalist until their fireworks ignite into passion in this enthralling historical romance.
Boston, 1860. A sea captain’s widow at twenty-one, Eleanor Rayburn is devastated to learn that her late husband sold his shares of the ship St. Louis just before he died. Desperate to take back what she believes is rightfully hers, Eleanor sets out to fight the handsome but arrogant owner of the well-traveled whaler.
Marine naturalist Dante Templeton survived a hard life, and has found success as an activist against the killing of whales or any marine animal for profit. But it’s his own personal grudge against Eleanor’s husband that drives his determination to keep her from reclaiming her share of the ship.
As the feud heats up between Dante and Eleanor, so does the blaze of passion. But is Dante’s love for Eleanor enough to smother his fiery hatred for her late husband?
“Ms. Bonander writes with an easy style that brings her characters and timeframe to vivid, entertaining life.” —RT Book Reviews
302 printed pages
Original publication

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