Carl A.Franson

Second Age: A Recall of Things Gone By and a Bit of Now

In our busy and complex world, we often forget how to enjoy simple pleasures of life. Second Age takes us to a time when eating oatmeal and raisins, having a warm house, hearing red-winged blackbirds calling, meeting new people, and seeing new places are enough to touch the heart, mind, and soul. There is a place in each of us that needs to know the importance of appreciating what you have in your life.
Second Age is simply written, and you live the author's adventures as a young man mostly along the Upper Mississippi, San Francisco, and the Far East, just as he re-lived them while he was writing about them. He saw places and felt how they were. He experienced feelings of love, happiness, fear, he experienced smells and tastes all over again, and he felt sunlight, storms, cold and damp.
His book is written in a warm and personal manner. It evokes a time of simpler living and firm values. You experience a joy and a depth in what life has to offer and in what it has to teach.
156 printed pages
Original publication
Sonya Franson


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