Omar L Rashed

Growing Up

What's this kid saying? This poetic memoir tells one child's story of growing up, crisscrossing the line of two worlds. Boy | Man; Genius | Insanity; Love | Hate. Giving voice to real feelings that couldn't be said, nor heard. Until now.

“Out of the mouths of babes” come enlightening words — sometimes. Mostly raw expression of whatever is inside. Often incomprehensible, haphazard, and misunderstood.

This poetic memoir describes how the mind of a man came to be, from its humble beginnings as a baby. The experiences, major turning points, and imprinted memories it clung to.

The man in question faces me in the mirror, everyday. I have lived, remembered, and felt each memory. Yet somehow, as a child, I was never able to put into words the feelings of hurt and health; of happiness and horror.

Looking back, with adult voice and vocabulary, I share and describe how I felt growing up — those dimensions I felt unable to express myself, in my weakness. This process will begin to bring peace to the experiences of chapters past and let them close. Within these recollections, an understanding and appreciation for the feelings of the young — those who feel very real feelings, but lack the words to tell them — will hopefully resonate through.

Each of the following poems represents a snapshot — a vivid point that played a pivotal role in my upbringing, development, and growth.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Here’s to saving them, one at a time.
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