Alan McBrearty,Edit Engel,Santa Claus

Where Elves Come From

With this book, we try to bring a modern twist to the old style of fairy tales when stories had nice, and important morals to learn from. It has many great positive, and self-affirming messages.
Beautifully illustrated, the book, as though written by Santa himself, brings up important fundamental morals for parents to start conversations with their child. In the book we provide easy tools and ideas to teach kids about setting goals, gratitude, always looking for the positive side of things, to have a happy, loving life through strong family bonds, etc. Additionally, the book is divided into 16 chapters, perfect for bedtime stories, and most episodes have one of our favorite bedtime prayers to enjoy together.
This book is also beneficial in confronting sensitive subjects like illness and death, and we all know how curious kids can be about these types of topics. We have a sweet spot in our hearts for kids with cancer, and with our story, we would like to support them by writing this book in a way to make a legend for them, and in a way that our young ones can relate too.
Our story is a heartwarming children’s chapter book that expands on two girls whose friendship forms when the two meet on a playground, and then blossoms as their single parents fall in love and get married. However, their faith is tested when the oldest girl is stricken with cancer, allowing the family to embark on adventures and make long-lasting memories before it is too late. The family will make you laugh and will make you cry, but most of all, they will make you feel good inside for all the small things we should enjoy in life.
With this story, we also encourage kids to use their imagination and their thoughts in a way that can help them find answers to their problems.  We have adventures, talking dogs, a magical Christmas Tree,  a magic bell and of course a beautiful angel. In the end, as the mystery of where elves come from is revealed, we hope that they will also believe in the power of a little magic!  This is probably the most important lesson for kids; to “believe.” If they believe in themselves, they will see that they can have and do anything they want.
Our Mission:
Our mission with this book is to give young children a positive base from which to have a meaningful life. We can determine our kid’s future by helping them evolve through the use of their imagination and creativity. From an early age, we can help children to be compassionate for others, have self-confidence, be enthusiastic, have the courage to act on their beliefs and to succeed in their lives in every way so that they may have a happy, joyful life.
We also want to have this book as a dedication to children with cancer for their spirit and no quit attitudes. We want to make them known and unforgettable, and we want to give them a little hope until someone comes up with the cure to save them all!
Perhaps, along the way, we will also create a legend for Santa’s Elves?
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