Rachel Devenish Ford

World Whisperer Box Set

3 full novels of adventures into Isika's world: A land of magical creatures, poison and magic, gifting and danger, 40% off the individual price!
>>World Whisperer Book 1<<
Rich with adventure and magic, Rachel Devenish Ford's debut fantasy is the tale of a fearful girl stepping into her true destiny.
As a fifteen-year-old outsider girl in the Worker village, Isika is destined for endless drudgery, serving her priest stepfather and worshiping the four goddesses of the Worker people. She doesn't fit in and she hates the goddesses, but her mother is dead, and her three remaining siblings need her to be good and keep them safe. She can't think of anything beyond surviving each day and trying to avoid her stepfather's wrath.
Until he decides to sacrifice her youngest brother to the goddesses. And Isika decides that enough is enough.
She sets out on a journey to save her brother, facing an unknown world outside the walls of the Worker village. In the new world, ancient gifts awaken within her as she finds more beauty and more trouble than she could have imagined. To save her brother, she will have to trust the magical creatures and mysterious new friends who have come to guide her.
What's more, as she learns to love her new place in the world, she will have to learn to control magic that could be the key to her destiny and the fate of everyone around her.
>>Guardian of Dawn Book 2<<
In the second book in the World Whisperer series, Rachel Devenish Ford follows the tale of Isika growing into her destiny, even as forces from the Great Waste attempt to destroy her.
Though Isika now lives happily with the Maweel, her problems seem to be following her.
Apprenticing for the master potter and enjoying life with a real family occupy Isika's days, until a call for help from her beloved stepmother forces her to choose between her new life and her old. As Isika rushes back to the Worker village in hope of rescuing her stepmother, she is thrust into a plot of deception and lies, maliciously pursued by evil forces. A journey deep into the desert will test all of her new found strength and gifting.
Jabari and the other seekers follow Isika with hopes of helping, until the moment they find themselves attacked by the endless evil and malice that seeks to destroy the World Whisperer.
Together they will have to find strength and belief in one another… if they ever want to make their way out of the desert and back to the land they love.
>>Shaper's Daughter Book 3<<
In the third book of the World Whisperer series, Isika must face her deepest fears and emerge with her true identity intact.
Isika is growing into her life in the Royal city of Azariyah. Her pottery apprenticeship is going well and her friendship with Jabari is blossoming. She loves her life with her family and longs to be a normal Maweel girl, something that isn't possible with the Desert King in pursuit of her life.
Evil forces want Isika captured or dead, and the threat of the Great Waste grows stronger daily. Why is the Desert King approaching Azariyah and why is he trying to burn Maween to the ground?
As fires erupt all around Azariyah, the loyalty of the Maweel toward their World Whisperer is tested. Rumors follow Isika as she fights fire and suspicion to protect the city she loves and earn the trust of her people, ultimately standing before an evil so great, it will take everything within her to withstand and defeat it.
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