Essence E-book, Mack Pitts
Mack Pitts

Essence E-book

By 2213 the earth was completely controlled by Biologically Enhanced Mechanically Improved Humans (BEMIH). All remaining pure humanoids, the NTH, had been forced to Transvergence or relocation off Earth's boundaries. The NTH must explore and settle on a distant hospitable planet.

Join Captain Joshua Edwards and his small highly specialized crew as they undertake this last ditch mission to save mankind as they know it.

Travel with them to Ventura while they validate the planet's possibilities for human existence. On Ventura, they discover a perfect Eden-like environment but while there, they also unwittingly unleash an evil more malevolent than any threat on Earth from the BEMIH. An evil that now threatens to destroy all life back on Earth, BEMIH and NTH alike, launching them on a new and desperate mission of a different kind.
122 printed pages
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