Female Evolutionary Sexuality, Aphrodite-Venus: Lessons on Love & Sex, Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

Female Evolutionary Sexuality, Aphrodite-Venus: Lessons on Love & Sex

126 printed pages
In the first part of this book series, the author, as characteristic of him in his Rational Approach to Ancient Indian Itihāsa-Puraṇas, studies the Aphrodite-Ares (Venus-Mars) Love Affair in Greek and Roman Mythology as found in Ancient Art, Sculpture, Renaissance Paintings, and other depictions. Without going into the technicalities of Art, the author attempts new Alternative Readings viewing them as Commentaries and Coded Messages on Gender Relation. In analyzing Aphrodite-Venus Greek and Roman Mythology, the author frequently refers to Ovid and Vātsyāyana’s (Kāmasūtra) immortal wisdom and also attempts comparative analysis of Sculptures of Khajuraho on same theme – to show the unity of Ancient Wisdom on the Art of Love. This book can be read as an interpretative study of Greek and Roman Myths of Aphrodite/ Venus and Ares/ Mars, and Renaissance paintings on them, as also as a guideline on Love-Sexual Relation, and ‘Modern’ Dating with insights on Female Psychology and Woman Mystery.
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“Aphrodite is every Woman, but every Woman is not Aphrodite” – and paradoxically, that is true because – “Every Woman is Aphrodite, but Aphrodite is not every Woman.”
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