Strange Wine, Harlan Ellison
Harlan Ellison

Strange Wine

331 printed pages
From “one of the great . . . American short story writers,” comes a collection of dark fantastical fiction (The Washington Post).
In the Locus Award–winning “Croatoan,” a man descends into the sewers of New York City to confront the detritus of his irresponsibility.
An “Emissary from Hamelin” presents humanity with an ultimatum, or everyone on Earth will have a dear price to pay the piper.
And in the title story—famously written by the author in the storefront window of a Santa Monica bookshop—Willis Kaw is convinced that he is an alien trapped inside an Earthman’s body, only to discover his suffering serves a purpose.
Strange Wine includes these three stories and a dozen more unique visions from the writer the Washington Post hails as a “lyric poet, satirist, explorer of odd psychological corners, and purveyor of pure horror and black comedy.”
Includes: “Croatoan,” “Working With the Little People,” “Killing Bernstein,” “Mom,” “In Fear of K,” “Hitler Painted Roses,” “The Wine Has Been Left Open Too Long and the Memory Has Gone Flat,” “From A to Z, in the Chocolate Alphabet,” “Lonely Women Are the Vessels of Time,” “Emissary from Hamelin,” “The New York Review of Bird Seeing,” “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “Strange Wine,” “The Diagnosis of Dr. D’arqueAngel”
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