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CultureShock! Finland

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    Анастасия Родионоваhas quoted5 years ago
    This Finnish trait is called sisu, meaning guts, toughness, stamina, courage, stubbornness
    Анастасия Родионоваhas quoted5 years ago
    There is the story told of old Seppo who was sitting at the breakfast table reading the paper, when his wife came down the stairs looking rather disgruntled. Eventually, the old wife says, “Seppo, do you love me?” He replies, “Pirkko, I remember the day 40 years ago when we got married. I told you then I loved you, if anything changes, I’ll let you know.”
    Анастасия Родионоваhas quoted5 years ago
    The Finns don’t normally complain and they find it very difficult to handle a complaint.

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