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Puppy Training

Is your new puppy making your house into a disaster area?

Tired of the smell, the cleaning bills, and the frustration of housebreaking a puppy through trial and error?

Well say goodbye to the mess—your obedient, housebroken pet can be yours in just 7 days!

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as struggling to housebreak a new puppy.

It’s by far the most annoying, least fulfilling part of pet ownership. The housebreaking process causes stress that makes life harder and strains the owner–pet relationship.

To say nothing of the expense! Paying to have your furniture or carpets cleaned, and if things get too badly soiled they might just have to be thrown away.

What if you didn’t have to go through with unexpected accidents or soiled carpets? What if you could have a housebroken, obedient puppy in only one short week?

That’s exactly what Peter Williams offers in his simple yet comprehensive Puppy Training: The Ultimate Guide to Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days!

Built on a foundation of rock-solid animal training research and the latest insights into canine psychology, Peter Williams’ incredible step-by-step method will fix your housebreaking problem in no time.

Puppies are simple creatures. Once you understand their needs and desires, and how they communicate these, you’ll be well equipped to give them what they need while communicating your own household potty rules to your new pet. All through an easy, fun method that can be done in a week or less.

By the time you’ve finished reading Puppy Training, you’ll have mastered:

The elementary dog psychology you won’t be able to train your pooch without (pg. 8)

Four basic steps to introducing your puppy to crate training (pg. 14).

How to set an accident-free toilet routine right from the start (pg. 18).

Everything you ever need to know about simple, stress-free positive reinforcement (pg. 24).

Pro dog trainers’ secret insights into unlocking your dog’s innate intelligence for more obedience and better companionship (pg. 29).

The fourteen simple dos of getting your dog settled into acceptable bathroom behavior (pg. 33).

What to do if your dog has an accident…to make sure it doesn’t happen again! (pg. 40)

The easiest method yet to teach your puppy the most important commands they’ll ever learn (pg. 49).

How to avoid the ten most common mistakes most dog owners make when training their puppy (pg. 54).

An easy and fun approach to housebreaking your dog with the least amount of mess (pg. 58).

And much, much more!

A housebroken puppy makes for a happy puppy…and a happy home.

So don’t waste your time or possessions while you figure out what works and what doesn’t. Learn to speak your dog’s language on the first try with Puppy Training.

Owning a puppy doesn’t have to mean living in a filthy home. Click “Add to Cart” now to take your first step toward a clean, obedient animal companion!
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