Rebecca Bryan

Far From Perfect

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Fighting the overwhelming craving to return to her personal “Bubble Land” — the world of seductive forgetfulness she has lived in since the death of her little brother, Coop-- twenty-year old Cassidy Young would be the first to admit she is far from perfect.

As a college drop-out facing a DUI and six months probation, Cassidy is forced to return to her childhood Wyoming farm, deal with her addictions, forgive herself for her past, and most difficult of all--learn to love again.

But home is not the setting of tranquility she hoped for. Her dad's Parkinson's disease and her mom's severe depression remind her that she's not the only one coping with sickness. Even her once perfect sister, Jill, has grown too thin and quiet; a possible byproduct of Jill's overbearing boyfriend, Clint. It is only when Cass is reacquainted with James Maughn — her childhood love working on her parents' fledgling farm for the summer — that she finally believes new beginnings may still be possible.

When she discovers that James has a serious girlfriend, the beautiful and successful Shay Daniels, staying sober seems futile, especially when her haunting past is forced to light. The dream of perfect love quickly fades. It is then she must look to a higher power for strength and forgiveness. With the help of AA, God, and Drew Barnes, her probation officer turned sponsor, Cass must begin the true process of healing in hopes of conquering her vices, repairing wounded relationships, and hopefully rediscovering lost love.
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    Dilia Mazenettshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up

    Beautiful story!!


    Натальяhas quoted2 years ago
    The weather has surprised us with a final blast of winter.
    Dilia Mazenetthas quoted4 years ago
    as though I’ve been hung out on a line all night to dry

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