Marilyn Monroe Returns, Adrian Finkelstein
Adrian Finkelstein

Marilyn Monroe Returns

365 printed pages
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A Legend Returns and a Star Is Born!
Marilyn Monroe Returns reveals provocative new evidence that the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe is a top-of-the-charts Canadian singer named Sherrie Lea Laird, a woman who shares undeniably remarkable similarities with the legendary icon. Stunning photos throughout the book powerfully demonstrate the many characteristics these two ladies share.
In her own words, Sherrie Lea reflects on a lifetime of being Marilyn: her childhood as Norma Jean, her rise to superstardom, as well as her many loves. And, most dramatically, Sherrie Lea answers a question that has plagued Marilyn's fans for more than forty years: Was Marilyn's death truly a suicide?
From the book:
“When I was eleven or twelve, I was sitting on my aunt's knee and we were talking about the beauty mark just above my lip. I asked what it was. It looked stupid to me. She began singing, 'A kiss on the hand can be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend.' The lyrics just echoed in my head, as if coming down a long corridor of sound form the past. I asked, 'What's that?' She said it was a song from an old movie, sung by someone famous: Marilyn Monroe. My aunt only said that she was a singer, but I had this coy, sly feeling and said to myself, 'Why do I feel like she's talking about me?'"

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