Unmasked, Jeremy Macliver, Ryan Englin
Jeremy Macliver,Ryan Englin


33 printed pages
Businesses don't fail. The teams that make them fail. Success is directly connected to the team you pick. Hiring good people is hard and job seekers often interview better than they perform once hired. Learn the process to see their true nature during the interview.
It is time to disrupt the interview process. Your team's success is determined by the person sitting across the interview table from you. Will they fit your company? Will they be a team player? Can they do the job? You need to determine these answers fast.
Learn how to create a simple, objective process to get to the real person. Let them show up authentically. Determine if they will be a good fit for your unique company and your unique requirements. You will be glad you did. Your team will be glad. And, quite honestly, so will the candidate. They don't want to work somewhere they don't fit either.
You've been given the authority to pick the winning team. Do it masterfully!
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