David Goldwich

STTS: Win-Win Negotiations. Develop the mindset, skills and behaviours of winning negotiators

We all negotiate every day, whether we realise it or not. Yet few people ever learn how to negotiate. Those who do usually learn the traditional, win-lose style. In today’s interdependent world of business partnerships and long-term relationships, however, a win-win outcome is fast becoming the only acceptable result. Win-win negotiators value their business and social relationships—winning in a given negotiation is not as important as maintaining their winning relationships, but this does not mean they must sacrifice their interests. Win-win negotiators believe they can win both the negotiation and the relationship. Written in a lively, succinct and easy-to-read style, David Goldwich shows you how to develop the win-win negotiator’s mindset and introduces the core skills and techniques to successfully negotiate win-win agreements. Learn the art of a win-win negotiation, and achieve win-win results in all your negotiations today!
194 printed pages


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